The AK Fish Trap

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Advanced Technology

Our traps will lip hook a fish over 90% of the time making the cutting edge design a favorite for both sport anglers and tournament regulars.

Made in the USA

All of our products are manufactured and assembled right here in the Land of Liberty! Durable polyethylene and all metal hardware won't disappoint.

Warranty Backed

We are proud to stand behind our products and their high quality parts and construction. All of our traps come with a limited lifetime warranty.

AK Fish Trap – by AK Salmon Bear LLC

In an industry dominated by cheap products, The AK Fish Trap is a breath of fresh air.  Designed to offer years of fishing under tough Alaskan outdoors standards, this tip up is the last you will ever have to buy.

Shaun designed the trap initially several years ago. As he strove to perfect the design he grew to understand that this was an invention that is very different than the current gear and sets a new standard in hook setting technology. Serious anglers involved in tournament fishing will be especially interested in the trap due to the unbelievable over 90% lip hook rate.

The AK Fish Trap helps you bring more fish to the weighing table.

Catch and release advocates that have shunned ice fishing due to the low survival rates of caught fish can now enjoy an invigorating sport while ensuring you can keep only the fish you choose and release others caught to be fished for another day!